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Creative Max Finest is a premium range of beauty accessories including makeup brushes, nailcare, sponges, and applicators for applying makeup, as well as hair brushes, combs, and styling tools for hair care. A range of beauty accessories designed to help people take care of their personal grooming and skincare needs.

Registered trade customers can buy wholesale volume supplies online. 

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CMF - Contour Brush

Item Code: 11692

CMF - Kabuki Brush

Item Code: 11688

CMF - Natural Look Bandeau

Item Code: 11753

CMF - Bamboo Hair Brush

Item Code: 11750

CMF - Bamboo Radial Brush

Item Code: 11751

CMF - Powder Brush

Item Code: 11680

CMF - Foundation Brush

Item Code: 11682

CMF - Gloss False Nails

Item Code: 11713

CMF - Soft Lashes

Item Code: 11725

CMF - Chiropody Pliers

Item Code: 11621

CMF - Exfoliating Mitt

Item Code: 11654

CMF - Eyelash Curler

Item Code: 11690

CMF - Foundation Wand

Item Code: 11679

CMF - Cuticle Pusher

Item Code: 11633

CMF - Lips Brush Set

Item Code: 11687