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Serelo reading glasses are eyewear designed to help people with presbyopia, a common condition that affects the ability to focus on close-up objects. They come in various strengths, measured in diopters, and are available without a prescription. We offer a variety of frame style and materials. Serelo reading glasses are a convenient and affordable solution for those who experience difficulty reading small print. All can be orderd in singles making it easy to replenish displays. There are a range of free display stands available.

Serelo sunglasses protect the eyes from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun, as well as bright light and glare. They come in a variety of styles and lens colours. Sunglasses are an important accessory for protecting your eyes and maintaining good eye health. Again, free display stands are available. 

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Lens Cleaner Spray 30ml

Item Code: 23046

Serelo - Floral Hard Case

Item Code: 81993

Serelo Eyeglass Cleaner

Item Code: 82011

Serelo Magnifying Sheet

Item Code: 82020

Serelo Pocket Magnifier

Item Code: 82021

Serelo Sunglasses

Item Code: 85107

Serelo Sunglasses

Item Code: 85111

Serelo Sunglasses

Item Code: 85123

Serelo Sunglasses

Item Code: 85124

Serelo Sunglasses

Item Code: 85125

Serelo Mixed Sunglasses

Item Code: 85188

Serelo Mixed Sunglasses

Item Code: 85189

Serelo - Mixed Sunglasses

Item Code: 85190

Serelo - Mixed Sunglasses

Item Code: 85191

Green Sunglasses

Item Code: 85199

Serelo Sunglasses

Item Code: 85288

Serelo Sunglasses

Item Code: 85289